What is the Digital Inventors program?

We are committed to providing students with learning experiences that harness and develop their 21st Century learning skills.

This aims to provide them with an experience of what working in a company would be like, and incorporate both STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and 21st Century learning skills by:

  • Analysing problems and their impacts
  • Expressing their creativity through creating a solution
  • Collaborating and communicating within their team
  • Understanding how products move from an idea to development

We also strive for our students to grow their self-confidence in what they are capable of.  We do this by providing a safe environment to experiment when students don’t get it “right”,  whether it’s designing an engaging user experience or troubleshooting their code.

As they keep moving forward towards their goals, their resilience is acknowledged and celebrated!

This approach has been inspired by the amazing work that world-renowned Professors of Psychology Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth have achieved on the Growth Mindset and Grit respectively, and how they are indicators of success and happiness in life.

What will they do and learn?

Students will form their own startups to tackle a problem they are passionate about solving.

Throughout their digital journey, each student will have the opportunity to express themselves through activities like:

  • Forming their company’s identity and vision
  • Creating a video to articulate their company’s vision
  • Design engaging experiences
  • Coding the solution

How will this benefit the students?

There is a big focus from the Australian Government on inspiring students on digital literacy and STEM to prepare for the challenges of the digital economy.

Professor Lyn English is an internationally recognised authority in this field, known for her extensive research and publications in STEM, spanning preschool through to year 10.

As a Professor of STEM in Education, she shared her thoughts on our approach:

I strongly support the work David is doing in schools. Such experiences are greatly needed, not only for enriching and extending students’ STEM learning but also their confidence in pursuing STEM-related studies and careers in later years.

How did it all start?

It all started in 2016, when three awesome Year 6 students formed their own startup SIFE (Safe Internet for Everyone) to build something special for Cheltenham Primary School.

Watch the video below to hear all about what they learned and enjoyed!

What happened next?

Building off the trail blazed by the students from the previous 6, 11 students in Years 5-6 put their hand up to tackle a new STEAM challenge – they had to design and create a website to solve a problem they were passionate about.

They thought they were going to learn all about coding, but were surprised at what else they learnt on their entrepreneurial journey.

Watch the video to hear how they overcame the challenges, and the new possibilities they now see for themselves!

What they thought

It was awesome we got to present to our whole year level – everyone put their hand up saying they would use our app!
Jack, SIFE Co-Founder
At first I thought coding looked really hard.. but after I thought it was for anyone, and looked forward to it every week!
Olivia, SIFE Co-Founder
I really enjoyed the coding, to see in the end how our product became real!
Arend, SIFE Co-Founder
It was a great way to inspire the children to see what they’re capable of!
Ellen Hollowood, Digital Technologies Coordinator

Program Details

Expressions of Interest

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