What is the Jam Pi program?

Cheltenham Primary School is committed to providing their students with learning experiences that harness and develop their students 21st Century learning skills.

To support and further enhance this, we are thrilled to partner with them to deliver an advanced  Coding Enrichment program for students.  This aims to provide a collaborative experience between different subjects and incorporate a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and approach.

At GI Jamie, we believe that diverse experiences builds on our student’s creative ability, and this is an important skill to nurture for the future.

To understand this further, the illustration below by the cartoonist Hugh MacLeod describes the difference between having information and knowledge.

This highlights the importance of being able to make connections between disparate information – this fuels new ideas and creative thinking!

When it comes to creativity, the first person (probably) everyone thinks of has been quoted:

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.

That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people.

– Steve Jobs

This is why we focus on unique experiences that combine different subject matters, to facilitate growth in this direction.

So, the Jam Pi program is all about using the awesome Sonic Pi app to learn coding while making music!

What will they do?

Over 8 weeks, students will learn to code and express themselves by creating music.  We believe strongly in learning to code together as a team, so they will also form their own bands to create a song with a melody and beat.

Here’s a teaser on how Sonic Pi has generated enthusiasm in learning coding and music together:

Here’s a couple simple examples of what Sonic Pi can do:

Everyone knows this melody!

play :c3
sleep 0.5
play :c3
sleep 0.5
play :g3
sleep 0.5
play :g3
sleep 0.5
play :a3
sleep 0.5
play :a3
sleep 0.5
play :g3

Have a listen:

But it can also do beats!

16.times do
   sample :drum_cymbal_closed
   if tick.even?
      sample :bd_haus
      sample :sn_dolf
   sleep 0.25
   sample :drum_cymbal_closed
   sleep 0.25

Have a listen:


There’s actually a LOT more it can do – who knows what the students will come up with!

Ok!  So what will they learn?


The possibilities on what music they can create together are endless – there is no right or wrong!  Combining coding and music together also creates the opportunity for creative thinking and new ideas.

Critical Thinking

After going through the foundation learnings, they will make their own song or reverse-engineer one of their favourite songs.

Working out how to code and structure the melody, bass, beat and putting it all together in sync?

That’s the FUN!


Coding in Sonic Pi is based on a programming language called Ruby.  This program builds on the “drag and drop” fundamentals that students have been learning at school through platforms like Scratch and code.org.

They will utilise those fundamentals in structuring their logic for the song to perform how they want.

How is this different to the Digital Inventors Program?

The Digital Inventors Program is a 10 week program that provides a diverse experience on what working in a tech company would be like, where students brainstorm ideas and form their own startup to solve a meaningful problem.

Throughout the process, they collaborate to create a shared identity to express their vision, design and code their own website using HTML and CSS which creates visual web interactions, like images, buttons, menus and links.

The Jam Pi program is a 8 week program that focuses on students expressing their creativity through creating music.  To build a song with a melody, bass, and/or beats, they will learn how to code more advanced programming logic to structure their song to play the desired sounds and ensure the correct timing.

It isn’t a requirement to have completed the Digital Inventors Program to enrol into the Jam Pi program, however it is recommended as it provides a foundation of core digital and collaborative skills.

Both programs are designed to incorporate multiple subject areas, to provide a variety of ways for students to engage their creativity, and make more connections in how they can apply their skills and knowledge.

How will this benefit the students?

There is a big focus from the Australian Government on inspiring students on digital literacy and STEM to prepare for the challenges of the digital economy.

Professor Lyn English is an internationally recognised authority in this field, known for her extensive research and publications in STEM, spanning preschool through to year 10.

As a Professor of STEM in Education, she shared her thoughts on our approach:

I strongly support the work David is doing in schools. Such experiences are greatly needed, not only for enriching and extending students’ STEM learning but also their confidence in pursuing STEM-related careers in later years.

Program Details

When:              8 one hour classes starting Term 4, Week 1

Who:                 Years 5-6

Investment:   $197 (introductory special)

Enrolment Process (limited spots!)

Thanks heaps for reading this far!  We do have a limited capacity on how many students we can offer this to, so applications will be processed in the order they’re received.

To secure your child’s spot, please:

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  2. If there are available spots, you’ll be sent a separate link to secure the placement with payment details and terms and conditions
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